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We’d like to wish all of our customers a very Happy and prosperous 2015! We’re off to a very exciting start here at Kinetic Logistics as we’ve finished developing a new system which integrates with all of the delivery vehicles. It relays real time information from us to them which will increase efficiency and accuracy, for example we can add new collections into the current run manifest.
We have also just added forward facing cameras onto the CCTV systems fitted into all of our vans; we now have 3 cameras in each vehicle meaning we can now monitor deliveries and collections even more closely.

Back at KL HQ, we are just about to take control of our fourth building which will be used for warehouse and distribution of high value stock. We’re slowly but surely taking over the airbase!

In other news, several staff are attempting to do ‘Dry January’... so far, so good but we have a feeling not everyone is going to make it (cough cough, Phil Dickens...)

We have another new addition to the team, Sigrid, who is very quickly learning the ropes and fitting in very well indeed. And talking of new additions, Shawn’s baby girl is due to be born any minute and we’re all hoping to win some dosh guessing her birth date/weight. Ahhh, there’s nothing like celebrating the blessed gift of new life with an office sweepstake.
And finally and most importantly, Bridget Jones (the office dog) celebrated her 6th birthday this week and is extremely chuffed with her new Superdog outfit. Well, to be honest she’s not a fan - but we all love it!


We hope all of our lovely customers had a fabulous summer! We’ve been kept extremely busy through the summer months and it’s only going to get busier as the year progresses. Since we last blogged, we’ve had two new additions to the office (Adam and Phil W) and two new staff in the warehouse (Kieran and Phil M). It’s great having a bigger team and we’re all working together brilliantly – but seriously that’s three ‘Phils’ that work here now – can you imagine the confusion sometimes?! Phil Dickens even considered creating a policy where we ONLY employ people who are called Phil or make them change their names. Even women. We also now have 19 lovely drivers, which means the driving team is more than three times the size it was at the start of 2014! We’re always looking at new ways to improve our fleet efficiency and currently we’re recruiting more weekend drivers to offer more flexibility to KL customers.


The expansion of the fleet and team continues here at KL; we now have 15 drivers, compared to the 6 that we had at the beginning of 2014! They have to undergo rigorous training before we release them into the wild alone with your deliveries and we're really pleased how quickly the newbies have progressed. We also now have four 7.5 tonne, and twelve 3.5 tonne vehicles, and at the rate we're going there will be even more added soon.
Not long now until we'll be launching our Two-Man delivery service, test runs are still ongoing so that we can get the timing, pricing and logistics right before we officially launch. We can't wait to offer you this new service.


Back at the base, we've recently obtained another building right next to us, again thanks to our continued growth. Despite currently having a warehouse bigger than most airport terminals, we are bursting at the seams and so are doubling the size of our storage facility. Some of us think that Phil's extensive collection of hair products take up far too much room, but he won't be persuaded to part with them...

In other news, Carl has moved on to pastures new and while we're carefully selecting a worthy replacement, we're keeping on top of his duties so there will be no change to the way we're dealing with your orders in the interim. The rest of the team are working hard gearing up for the new services we're soon offering, and in their down time they're generally found pillaging the biscuit tin. And finally, and possibly most importantly, Bridget Jones (the office dog) has had her Spring haircut and although she spent the rest of the say sulking, she was soon back on form begging for everyone's lunch and wandering around asking for cuddles. It's a dog's life!


Well Spring definitely seems to have arrived in Oxfordshire and we're all loving the extra hour of daylight in the evenings. 2014 is flying by and here at Kinetic we're growing every week which keeps us very busy (and also leaves us less time to get ourselves into trouble!)
Our fleet is expanding fast, with the most recent additions being more fantastic new drivers and our lovely 7.5 tonne vehicles. We've been sending these out on 'test runs' and with the information we're gathering from these runs we will soon introduce our exciting new 'Two Man' service. This will mean that we can take heavier, unboxed objects and also offer the highly sought after 'Any Room' delivery service. Your end customers will be most pleased about that one we think!


The brand new feature on our refreshed website is now on! There are a million interesting changes happening at Kinetic Logistics now and we will keep you up to date on all of them.

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Kinetic Logistics is a furniture home delivery company who specialise in delivering furniture for the furniture retail industry. We have a UK wide home delivery and drop shipping network. All deliveries are electronically tracked, all collections and deliveries are booked in advance. Well trained staff ensure a reliable, professional and careful service. Kinetic's clients are based throughout the UK, we provide a complete home delivery solution for large furniture retailers. All collections are FREE and we operate a simple three-tier pricing structure so rates are competitive whether we are delivering small or large items of furniture.

Kinetic Logistics prides itself on leading the way when it comes to technology and the  furniture home delivery process.

Kinetic Logistics understand that our delivery drivers and vehicles represent the companies they deliver furniture for, so great emphasis is placed on the importance of well-trained, friendly, and uniformed staff. Kinetic view reliable drop shipping and furniture delivery as an important opportunity to help you build your customer relationships and secure repeat business. We also pride ourselves in our ability to take all your furniture delivery and furniture drop shipping headaches away. Because we are so confident with our furniture delivery service we give you your first delivery totally free to give you the opportunity to see how we handle your furniture

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